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CounselCash offers reliable financing solutions for attorneys and law firms. We offer as high as $20,000,000 for the first transaction depending on the large scope of the case. Getting troubled due to settlement of cases and client funding won’t be a problem once you visit the experts at CounselCash for advice.

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November 2017
23 November 2017
 1 month ago
Law Firms and Attorney Financing
For a company that practices legal cases, handling cash is important. Unfortunately, handling the cash flow of a person is a subject of reconsideration for many of the attorneys. Cash flow is quite irregular as they only get payment once cases end successfully. With various cases taking years to con…
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October 2017
26 October 2017
 2 months ago
Innovative Financial Solutions for Law Firms by Attorney Lawsuit Loans
Law firms work long and hard to achieve financial success. To assist law firms achieve even greater financial success via a unique program called "No Win...No Pay...No Risk" Attorney Lawsuit Loans today however a team of professional financial consultants have developed innovative tools. With "No W…
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September 2017
20 September 2017
 4 months ago
Funding for Attorneys and Law Firms
It is vitally important for a law firm that practices contingent litigation managing cash flow. For most trial lawyers sadly managing ones cash flow is an afterthought. When cases are successfully concluded cash flow is very sporadic as they only get paid. Cash flow can be a daunting task with many …
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August 2017
24 August 2017
 4 months ago
Law Firm Financing – The Bare Truth About Loans To Attorneys
With poor credit ratings, myriad of risky scenarios and similar situations, one doesn’t get help from the banks that easily. Therefore, a profound way of seeking help is through the law financing firms. Yes, these are the lenders that take risks and offer non-recourse programs at a highly comp…
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01 August 2017
 5 months ago
Attorney Funding – The Advantages Of Non-recourse Programs
Quite baffled, the attorneys or lawyers turn when they don’t have the staggering finances for a case. It may carry a huge number of risks, but not taking it wouldn’t assist either. Lack of money management, fear of losing bigger cases, and several reasons hinder the competence level o…
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