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Getting Started Guide - Users

Firstly, welcome! As a new user, you may feel a little overwhelmed and puzzled about what to do here. Here's a quick step-by-step guide to getting started!

Step 1 - Start to make your Profile yours

  • Create a username
    This will create your public & private facing profile page. Don't worry, you can choose what you show on your profile
  • Add a Profile Photo
    Click on the Profile Image to upload a beautiful photo of yourself.
  • Edit Your Profile
    Here you can change your name, choose your gender and give a short description about yourself.
  • Add Tags
    You can add Tags so that we can show you relevant public and shared Competencies and help you network with other, similar people.

Step 2 - Competencies

  • Competency MarketPlace
    Browse and explore amazing Competencies to add to your profile and to expand your experience


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