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June 2017
April 2017
18 April 2017
 4 months ago
Care for ALL students
In this portfolio I will provide evidence of my commitment to differentiate and customize every learning environment to ensure there is an entry point for each learner. I will demonstrate my ability to connect learners with content and curriculum. …
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March 2017
17 March 2017
 5 months ago
Goal 10 - The ability to use assessment and evaluation practices in a thoughtful and ethical manner
That makes use of varied practices of assessment that are congruent with learning goals; That respect the dignity of each learner; That acknowledge the personal, relational, social and cultural perspectives that frame evaluative commentary on student growth and development; …
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16 March 2017
 5 months ago
Goal 5 - Knowledge about curricular content, educational theory, and effective practice
That demonstrates the ability to communicate effectively in English or French; That demonstrates the ability to understand and work with subject-specific content seen through Canadian, Indigenous and global lenses; That sees opportunities for cross-curricular and cross-cultural c…
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16 March 2017
 5 months ago
Goal 4 - A commitment to ethical and functioning working relationships with all stakeholders
That is open and responsive to feedback and constructive criticism; That is demonstrated through significant, on-going dialogue and collaboration with colleagues, students, parents and others in the educational community; That show care and respect for every student; That is…
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16 March 2017
 5 months ago
Goal 3 - A commitment to uphold the principles that govern a democratic and pluralistic community
That is sensitive to the position of privilege, power, and trust in which teachers are placed; That recognizes that teachers are role models who are rational, reliable, responsible and responsive; That is demonstrated by thoughtful and self-initiating behaviour that is reflective…
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16 March 2017
 5 months ago
Goal 2 - A clear commitment to lifelong and life-wide learning
That manifests in openness to considering alternatives and possibilities; That is rooted in the development of reflective capacities; That engages in the wide range of subject-based practices that inform the practice of teaching; That is demonstrated in the ability to form a…
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04 March 2017
 5 months ago
Is cool.…
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December 2016
28 December 2016
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17 September 2016
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