Architectural Sheet Metal Worker (ITABC)
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Architectural Sheet Metal Worker (ITABC)

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A. Use Safe Work Practices
  • A1 Use Personal Protective Equipment
  • A2 Use WorkSafeBC Regulations
  • A3 Use WHMIS
  • A4 Identify Hazards and Emergency Procedures
  • A5 Select Fire Extinguishers
  • A6 Complete Level 1 First Aid Certification
B. Use Tools and Equipment
  • B1 Use Hand Tools
  • B2 Use Power Tools
  • B3 Use Powder Actuated Tools
  • B4 Use Shop Equipment
  • B5 Use Ladders, Scaffolds and Platforms
  • B6 Use Fasteners and Sealants
C. Organize Work
  • C1 Interpret Drawings and Specifications
  • C3 Communicate with Others
  • C4 Measure and Sketch Shop Project Components
  • C5 Identify Metals and Properties
D. Use Trade Math
  • D1 Use Basic Trade Math
  • D2 Solve Problems Using Formulas
  • D3 Solve Problems Using Pythagorean Theorem
  • D4 Solve Problems Using Trigonometry
E. Examine Systems
  • E1 Identify Systems
  • E2 Identify Support Structures
  • E3 Identify Building Envelope
  • E4 Examine Wall Systems
  • E5 Examine Roof Systems
  • E6 Examine Specialty Products
F. Fabricate Products and Components
  • F1 Seams, Locks, Edges, and Joints
  • F2 Fabricate Components
G. Install Products
  • G1 Use Hoisting, Lifting and Rigging Equipment
  • G2 Install roofing and wall components
  • G3 Prepare Substrate
H. Layout and Development Patterns
  • H1 Use Drafting Equipment for Geometric Construction
  • H2 Draw Orthographic and Pictorial Drawings
  • H3 Produce Patterns Using Parallel Line Development
  • H4 Produce patterns using radial line development
I. Weld and Solder Materials
  • I1 Cutting Techniques
  • I2 Select and Use Welding Equipment for SMAW
  • I4 Demonstrate Soldering Techniques
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