BC K-12 Core Competencies
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BC K-12 Core Competencies

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Personal Awareness and Responsibility
  • Self-determination
  • Self-regulation
  • Well-being
  • Connect and engage with others.
  • Acquire, interpret, and present information.
  • Collaborate to plan, carry out, and review constructions and activities
  • Explain/recount and reflect on experiences and accomplishments
Creating Thinking
  • Novelty and Value
  • Generating Ideas
  • Developing Ideas
Critical Thinking
  • Analyze and Critique
  • Question and Investigate
  • Develop and Design
Positive Personal and Cultural Identity
  • Relationships and Cultural Contexts
  • Personal Values and Choices
  • Personal Strengths and Abilities
Social Responsibility
  • Contributing to the community and caring for the environment
  • Solving problems in peaceful ways
  • Valuing diversity
  • Building Relationships
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